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  Investment Communities

BLOCKCHAIN SYNDICATES BY fineTOKEN. Funding for Top Blockchain Projects led by the Community. Project find transparent pools of funds fast. All funds allocated in the investment groups are guaranteed.

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  Decentralized Asset Exchange

The stableDEX platform offers a 100% decentralized peer to peer trading environment. By using stableDEX you retain full custody and control of the assets within your wallet.

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  Secure Blockchain Payments

fineTOKENpay is a payment processor and gateway that enables you to accept a wide range of Ethereum based tokens on your website. We provide a seamless experience for your users to pay with any of the listed Ethereum tokens.

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  STDEX Token

STDEX is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new stableDEX Marketplace.

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  FINE Token

FINE is a token, based on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The FINE token has been created as a security token to represent the equity of FineToken OU.

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  Real-Time Price Alerts

Plan,track, and stay alerted using the preferred Cryptocurrency Price Alert app! CoinMarketAlert offers comprehensive, easy to use cutting-edge crypto price tools to investors and traders.

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